The best in music of 2010 Part 1

Greetings all!

It’s that time of year when I unleash upon you what I’m naming the best in music for the year that is about to wrap. Some of this you may know, some you most likely won’t but I like what I hear and I’m sharing it with all of you. You never know, you might hear something you never heard before, and like it too.
I’m breaking things into a few installments. Part one, today, is best songs number 20-11. So get ready to enjoy.

And as always, Jon’s blog is a Kanye free zone.

20. Of Montreal featuring Solange, Sex Karma
…Come and touch my everything , cause I look like a playground to you, playa…

19. The Chemical Brothers, Another World

…another world will surround me, another heart will forgive…

18. Broken Social Scene, World Sick

… I get world sick, every time I take a stand…

17.Vampire Weekend, Giving Up The Gun

…my ears are blown to bits/from all the rifle hits/ bit still I crave that sound…

16. The Radio Dept., Heaven’s on Fire

…when I look at you, heaven’s on fire…

15. The New Pornographers, Crash Years

…tonight will be an open mic…

14. Kate Nash, Kiss that Grrrl

… her feet don’t even stink, I know…

13. The Delta Mirror, He Was Worse than the Needle He Gave You

…I write empty songs and the words don’t bother me one goddamn…

12. Sleigh Bells, Tell Em

…You can do your best today, you can do your best today…

11. Cee Lo Green, Fuck You

…oh yeah she’s a gold digga, just though you should know…

Next time- the top 10. Stay tuned!


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