The best in music 2010 part 2

Here we are again, this time bringing you my top 10 songs of 2010. They are all awesome tracks. My top 5 was the toughest to make finite, simply because I’m so torn between the tracks depending on my mood. So sit back and listen, and enjoy!

and just a remind, Jon’s blog is a Beiber-free zone…

10. Shout Out Louds, Walls

…feel so much better now, getting rid of my rage…

9.Kylie Minogue, All The Lovers

… dance, it’s all I want to do, so dance…

8. M.I.A., Born Free
(Warning, video content is explicit and disturbing, NSFW)

…I throw this shit in your face when I see ya, cause I got something to say…

7.Goldfrapp, Head First

…my whole world in light, head first in love…

6. Underworld, Diamond Jigsaw

…premium tequila, diamond jigsaw makes me feel fine…

5. Robyn, Dancing On My Own

…yeah I know it’s stupid, I just gotta see it for myself…

4. Beach House, 10 Mile Stereo

…they say we can throw far but we don’t know how far we throw…

3. Scissor Sisters, Invisible Light

…painted whores, sexual gladiators, fizz filled party children…

2. Arcade Fire, We Used To Wait

… but stranger still, is how something so small can keep you alive…

1. LCD Soundsystem, Home

…Forget your past, this is your last chance now/And we can break the rules, like nothing will last…


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