Best of Glee 2010

I love Glee.
It’s a fun show, and some of the music is damn catchy, and I will not apologize for loving it.
There are Glee haters out there. Hey it’s not for everyone. But I don’t understand the derisive hatred for it. I know one guy who is such a Broadway show tune freak and he loathes the show, calling it stupid and full of non talents. Uh, hello, how many Broadway stars have been on this show? This should be a show tune-loving gays’ wet dream!
I find the dislike of the show contradictory by many, but just like I can loathe Kanye, they can hate on Glee… except my reasons for loathing Kanye are valid as he’s a narcissistic egomaniac no talent hack with delusions of being superior to all others when he can only auto tune, but I digress.
Yes Entertainment Weekly needs to tone done on the daily updates so it doesn’t become Glee Weekly. But it’s fun, most of the music is good, and doesn’t your heart break for Kurt (Emmy nominee Chris Colfer)?
And sometimes they can even improve upon a song. It’s rare, but it does happen.
So here, separate from my other music lists, is my favorite Glee tracks of the year. If you haven’t listen before, check them here. Some of them are worth the listen.

Emma sing Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me from the Rocky Horror Glee Show

Kurt sings I Wanna Hold You Hand

The cast covers Florence + the Machines

and sorry Katy Perry, but this version is better than your


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