New music you should love (and anticipate)- Cut Copy

My friend Alan who lives in the Raleigh/Durham area now and blogs over at Red Devil in the kitchen wrote a great piece about how the anticipation of a new album release, and the excitement of hearing that music for the first time ever, has in essence been diminished and nearly crushed by internet availability of things today. He remarked how back in ’05 he and I tried to avoid downloading Doves’ Some Cities, and managed pretty successfully to do so, until the day it came out, in an effort to recapture that moment.
We exchanged comments, and considered doing it again in 2011 with Cut Copy’s new album, Zonoscope, which is due in February. Then I noted I had two songs already from it, so he dismissed this disc as an option.
The thing is, I was mistaken. A few months back, Cut Copy released a single Where I’m Going as a one off. Looking at Alan’s best of list of 2010, I know he’s heard it too.

Then last week, the group released the first official single, Take Me Over. Both tracks are official and not leaks, and the first one most likely will not even be on the new disc. So technically the internet hasn’t ruined anything yet.
So Alan… and anyone else for that matter… what I’m saying is let’s make this the disc to anticipate. No early downloads. No seeking out tracks. Wait until February 8, and then listen to it in it’s entirety.
In the meantime, and since this has hit too late in the year to make my top lists, I offer up new music you should love. Or else. The first official single from Cut Copy’s new disc.


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