New Music- R.E.M. (yes, THAT R.E.M.)

When was the last time you said, wow, that is a classic R.E.M. song?

For me, it was probably 1991, right about the time that Out of Time was released. It was the track Belong that was my favorite off of that album.

Over the years, nothing the group released really ever added up to much to me (I know my friend Liz is probably seething at this moment, but sorry). To me, their greatest moments had been Out of Time and, as I discovered later on and a bit in reverse, what came before… Green, Document, Murmur, and so on. Sadly, everything from 1992 on was kind of R.E.M. trying to be something that they weren’t.

Do I need to remind you of  What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? Didn’t think so.

Then I heard the first single from their new album.

Collapse Into Now will be released this Tuesday, and the first couple of tracks I’ve heard take me back to the R.E.M. of yesteryear. I actually said to myself, wow, this is good. It’s classic R.E.M.. Awesome!

Surprised the hell out of me. too.

Take a listen and decide for your self. This is Mine Smell Like Honey.




One thought on “New Music- R.E.M. (yes, THAT R.E.M.)

  1. I wasn’t seething. Really! I know everyone has their opinions of R.E.M.’s music over the last few years (especially after drummer Bill Berry left) and everyone is entitled to them. But, yes, I’ve heard several tracks from the new album and they sound G.R.E.A.T. : )

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