This is Yuck, and it’s good.

London based band Yuck released their self titled debut album last month. Their sound is a throwback to the 90’s heyday of noise rock ala Yo La Tengo and Superchunk… and the 90’s seem to be a constant source of where music this year is getting it’s inspiration from. Which is completely fine with me as it makes me reminisce about my college days and my first 5 years in Chicago.

In any case, this is the video for probably my favorite track on their new disc. In a way it reminds me a bit of my friend Frank and the band he fronted in college, 90 Day Wonder. Or was it Flavor Ready? I can’t remember, it was both at some point or another, but I digress. It was Frank who recommended Yuck to me, and I can see why he likes them so much, it’s very true to his own music stylings.

So enjoy Yuck’s Get Away. Let it take you back, too.



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