Lollapalooza 2011

The line up for the 20th anniversary Lollapalooza festival has been just announced, and I was less than impressed by it’s diversity and the gamut of performers.

Naturally there are the major draws as headliners. Eminem, Coldplay, Muse and Foo Fighters kick off the list. I’m not majorly excited by any of these artists latest works, but give them a hand for being mainstays in the music industry over the last decade. They aren’t putting out crap music. Not to say it’s good. It just isn’t crap.

Then there are the random  revival bands. The Cars and Big Audio Dynamite are on the short list to perform as well. The Cars? Their album hasn’t even come out yet, and when it does will anyone want to hear it?If I went to see them, it would be for the classics, certainly not for this:

No wonder they were reluctant to play for a group this size.

And Big Audio Dynamite? Mick Jones is still alive? Wow, color me geeked.  See, I’d go see them play this…

or this… which they played at Coachella this year…

Of course the groups I would want to see are the low men on the totem poll (which I learned recently means the more highly regarded, and in this case is true). Death From Above 1979. The Joy Formidable. The Chain Gang of 1974. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Sleigh Bells. Great choices, nice eclectic sounds, and 20 years ago, would have been the headliners.

Seriously, think about it… Jane’s Addiction was art rock. No one could have imagined Trent Reznor would be an Oscar winner, or that Ice-T would be a star on Law and Order: SVU. These guys headlined the first two years of the fest, and look where they are now.

In case you want to relive the past 20 years of Lolla, check out the time capsule on line here. It’s a fun trip down memory lane.

And so are these…

Living Colour from 1991:

Lush from 1992 :

Elastica from 1995 (wow I miss this band):

In the meantime, some sounds from the current tour…


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