New Order, Hellbent

May 18 marked the 31st anniversary of the death of Joy Division front man Ian Curtis. While his death summoned the end of Joy Division, it also gave birth to New Order.

Why the history lesson? On June 6 this year, Rhino UK will release Total: From Joy Division to New Order, an 18 track retrospective of the two bands. Among the usual suspects of Love Will Tear Us Apart, Temptation and Regret, there is a pseudo new track, Hellbent. Most likely this new track will be the last new NO track we will ever hear, as the in fighting between Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook has pretty much broken up the band as we know it. Probably for good.

That being said, Hellbent isn’t the most memorable track in NO’s career, but has signs of classic traits that had made the band so successful form the 80’s through last decade. Which brings me to my shout out to Hooky and Barney: hey, if those two drug addicts over in Aerosmith can manage to fight, break up and get back together to make shitty music, why can’t you two do it too? Even a mediocre NO song, like Hellbent, is far better than Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on a good day. Alan, you got my back on this, right?
Anyway, check it out:


3 thoughts on “New Order, Hellbent

  1. Very good song, New Order is an awesome band, I hope that they get back together. They always make great music from Joy Division, New order, Electronic, Monaco, The other two, Bad Lieutenant and Freebass. They have created too much good music for the world to hear.

  2. I had my say about this on your FB status, specifically being annoyed about how Joy Division and New Order combined (and individually) have released more Best Of albums than actual LP’s. I really hope that the band aren’t at the heart of this, but releasing a previously unreleased track (Hellbent) from the sessions that produced the woefully average Waiting For the Sirens’ Call, I have to suspect that the band are at least in favor of yet another “Best Of” album.

    How could a new “Best Of” include Krafty and Hellbent, while excluding anything from their greatest album, Technique, let alone tracks like Love Vigilantes, Age of Consent, Your Silent Face or Waiting for the Siren’s Call (while that album as a whole was average, WFTSC the song, is the best song they’d written since Regret)?

    I do agree though that a subpar New Order are significantly better than Aerosmith. Even a track like Hellbent, which you get the sense New Order could produce (and have done so on many an occasion) with minimal effort, is far superior to anything Aerosmith (or even other over the hill bands like U2, Depeche Mode, The Cure) could muster these days.

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