Kicking off the summer with some Gaga

Happy Memorial Day, and welcome finally to the start of summer.

Unless you live under a rock, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was finally released last week.

I mean, she was on SNL on Saturday, Fuse all weekend, and Letterman and The View on Monday. It was kind of hard to miss her. And in case you did, here’s a bit from SNL last weekend…

Anyway, while I’m still processing all of the tracks, and so far my opinion is mixed on the album, the definite stand out single is The Edge of Glory. Destined to be the summer club anthem. Or played on nearly half of the Pride parade floats in June. (Update 6/16- it’s the official video)

Dynamic track and the album closer at that, and yes that’s Clarence Clemmons on sax. Paws up, monsters, this is the song that’s going to rock your summer.

And before the naysayers get all pissy, she turns it around…And then she plays it as a ballad.

Still amazing. You’ve got to love it. Or else.


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