Jane’s Addiction- End To The Lies

Jane’s Addiction was my first foray into what was called alternative in 1990. I was intrigued first by the news they were getting at the time, for the controversial artwork for their album, and I asked a classmate if I could borrow  a copy to listen.

Talk about shock and awe.

Ritual de lo Habitual is one of my all time favorite discs because it really kicked my ass and opened my eyes to music as art. Not that I didn’t think of music as an art, but Perry Farrell and the band entwined art and sex and music all together and made it tangible, erotic and sensuous, in a way that I really hadn’t experienced since I had discovered Prince in the 1980’s. (Okay, I just read that, and it sounds weird, but it’s a true statement). I was thrilled, turned on and immediately taken. It’s a classic album, from the pop gleam of Been Caught Stealing to the epic beauty of Three Days.

Needless to say, Lollapalooza happened, then they broke up, and disappeared. Until 2003, when they reunited (mostly) and released Strays. But it wasn’t the same. Eric Avery, the longtime bassist, did not return and his presence was missed.

In April of this year, Jane’s Addiction returned with the release of End To The Lies, the first track from this August’s The Great Escape Artist. And color me impressed, I think Jane might have gotten her groove back.

Featuring Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio in song writing and bass duties (right where they needed the help), there’s a sexiness and spark that I thought the group lacked on Strays that is definitely here. I’m looking forward to August and what Jane has to say again. So check it out and enjoy.


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