The Raveonettes, Forget That You’re Young

Swedish duo The Raveonettes have been a band I’ve been sometimes hot and cold on. Their 2003 debut Chain Gang of Love was very Phil Spector meets Jesus and Mary Chain with a little rockabilly thrown in. At the time it was a fresh sound, and the disc was very short and succinct, 13 tracks in under 35 minutes.

The next three discs… well, varying degrees of the same, with mixed results. The music wasn’t bad, it was just kind of there. I would give it a listen, but lost interest.

Enter Raven In the Grave, which was released in April, and my interest is again piqued. The group has turned down the tempo and headed into a bit more somber territory with fantastic results.  There’s still the JAMC fuzz and haze, but the mood is a bit more gothic and  haunting. Listening to it now as the summer slowly draws to a close, and it’s a perfect soundtrack to the meandering day.

Check their single out, Forget That You’re Young.




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