Radiohead, Separator (From The Basement)

On the heels of the release of their album The King of Limbs earlier this year, Radiohead has produced an hour long live session of tracks from the disc. From The Basement is the second in a series, the first being in 2008 following the release of the internet debut of In Rainbows. The groups holes up in someone’s basement, has longtime producer Nigel Godrich at the knobs, and kicks out an amazing set of live takes of TKOL tracks. There are plenty of studio musicians thrown into the mix as well, notably Portishead touring drummer Clive Dreamer, adding to the beautiful cacophony.

Since TKOL is very electronic based, it’s amazing to hear it translate so well into live performance form. Well, not quite so much to me, since after seeing them five times live I know they can pull it off. Still, the subtleties that can be sometime lost in a very produced and mixed album are found through out the 57 minute performance, which showcases several TKOL tracks as well as new releases Staircase and The Daily News.

My favorite from the set, which is a standout track that closes the album and has become one of my go to songs this year, is Separator.  It’s pretty brilliant. Check it out.

And for a limited time, the band has posted the entire From the Basement episode on YouTube, see it here (while it lasts).

Maybe this will hold you until they play Saturday Night Live’s season premier in September.


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