The fall playlist

I’m back.

Sorry I’ve been gone for the past month, just been crazy busy with out of town guests, new position at work, getting married. But you don’t care about that. You just want some  music. Well I’ll update you on what’s been filling my playlist from the past few weeks, starting with some new stuff, and then a bit of reminiscing.

Cults, You Know What I Mean (from s/t debut, out now): I. Love. This. Album. It’s hard to explain, but listen to this song and yeah, you’ll know what I mean.


Zola Jesus, Vessel (from the new album due this week): dark and gothic, like Siouxsie Sioux’s younger sister, straight out of… Wisconsin. Weird and mysterious.


Wilco, Dawned On Me (from The Whole Love, out now): not obnoxious and catchy. I’ve never been a huge Wilco fan, their stuff just doesn’t always appeal to me. This album, though, does. Good melodies, interesting direction they’ve gone in. I could listen to more.

NPR is to blame for this, just so you all know.


Dum Dum Girls, Bedroom Eyes ( From Only In Dreams, out now): Again, surprised. I wasn’t taken by their debut album, but so far, this first bouncy single and the sweeping, Mazzy Star-esque Coming Down, both from their second disc, are intriguing.


Peter Bjorn and John, Tomorrow Has To Wait (from Gimme Some, out now): Great little stomper from the Young Folks guys.


PJ Harvey, Let England Shake (from Let England Shake, out now): Polly Jean took Britian’s Mercury Prize home for this disc, her ode to her homeland. She never does the same thing twice, this woman. I’ve been a fan since 1992, and every album is eclectic and completely different from the next. Sometimes it doesn’t work for me, but most of the time, like this, it does.


Cut Copy, Far Away (from in Ghost Colours, 2008): Saw these guys live two weeks back. While they didn’t play this one, this is my favorite from that album.


Nirvana, Sliver (From Incesticide, 1993): It’s been 20 years since Nevermind. I remember hearing it for the first time, on vinyl, when I was a freshman in college. So yeah, I got a bit nostalgic, and dug into my cd collection. Still is great.


And I promise to keep up. There’s still three months left in the year, more music to come, and December will have my annual year end best of lists. Good times ahead.


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