EMA, Milkman

As the year is winding down, I am going back and checking out music that I may have missed, re listen to things that didn’t grab me immediately, and check out friend recommendations. This one, for example, comes highly recommended from my friend Frank.

Erika M. Anderson, or EMA as she is known is music circles, is formerly of the group Gowns, whom I frankly really never heard much of. Trying to decide what she sounds like… hmm. Sounds like she gargles with glass. The album sounds like she’s been through a very harrowing experience, and the dissonance and electro throb / guitar swirls punctuate it. It’s gritty and raw, echoes of PJ Harvey circa Rid of Me.

While this single, Milkman, was released in May, she just released a new single for the track Marked, backed with a new song, Angelo, which is pretty awesome itself.




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