Madonna…um, seriously?

I’m kind of speechless.

I read the hubbub today about the leak of a new Madonna track, from her forthcoming disc out next year, and being the good gay I am, I was kind of anxious to hear it. I got home, found the track. They are calling it just a demo, nothing finalized.

I certainly hope so.

Give Me All Your Love is juvenile, to say the least. It kicks off with the cheerleader-ish chant of ‘L-U-V- MADONNA!’ and spirals downward from there. The new wave sound, which I am a huge fan of normally, doesn’t help here. It sounds like a reject from her Borderline days. A bad reject that should have never seen the light of day.

Check this link and listen, and see what I mean. If this is the direction she is going, someone need to buy her a GPS and get her moving another way. I really hope this is some kind of April Fools joke, several months early.


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