The best in pop 2011!

My 2011 wrap ups officially begin.

Every year, I will share my favorite albums and singles of the past year. Normally I tend to stick to that which is more indie and alternative, but  this year I decided to to a bit of genre splitting.I am a gay man, after all, and pop sensibilities still enthrall (or should I say entrap?) me.

So let me introduce to you some of the best pop/top 40/ mainstream tracks that held my interest this past year. Please enjoy. And no judgement. That’s for me.

Nicki Minaj, Super Bass

I have to admit I love her eye rolling and expressions. And damn if this isn’t a fucking bumpin’ dance track.

Christina Aguilera ft Ladytron (remix by Rueben Wu), Birds of Prey

Even though she got fat and should never have been seen in that tight dress last weekend at the AMA’s last week, this remix (written and originally produced by Ladytron) is wicked. And while the video is borrowed from elsewhere, it’s hot.

Katy Perry, Firework

The girl’s got hooks. While I like Last Friday Night, thiswas played over the 4th of July fireworks on TV, and just brought it home. Love her. Can’t wait until SNL in December.

Pink, Fucking Perfect

Soft spot for Pink. Great track. Too bad it’s been made rated PG.

Duran Duran, Girl Panic!

Take me back to 1983, boys! Reminiscent to Rio, while this disc was uneven, this single kicked it. And great extended video featuring 80’s and 90’s models with some great throw backs added in for good measure.

Foster the People, Pumped Up Kicks

A coworker of mine mentioned how sick these lyrics were, and it drove me to give it a chance. They were weird on SNL, but if this wasn’t a good song…

Kelly Clarkson, What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

The title track to her new disc fucking kicks ass. Great track. Good for you, Miss American Idol. She’s proving that the sad TV show can actually produce a talent.

Adele, Someone Like You/ Rolling in the Deep/ Rumor Has It (tie)

This woman has a voice. Damn. I have to say, every time I heard one of her tracks, I cranked it.

Lady Gaga-everything she released this year.

I will give it to Miss Gaga, she can stir it up. While the disc overall was a bit uneven, she brought it with her singles, the live performances and her SNL appearance. Born This Way, JudasYou and I, and especially Edge of Glory, she rocked it.

Madonna, it’s time for you to retire.

Edge of Glory(feat. Clarence Clemons)

Born This Way

You and I


Coming soon… the singles and albums of the year.


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