Madonna, Girl Gone Wild

Oh Madge. Poor, poor Madge.

Madonna unleashed her latest disc upon the world this week, her twelfth studio effort,  MDNA.

Accompanying the album is the video for the second single from the disc, Girl Gone Wild.

After watching the video and giving the disc a once over, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

1. Madonna needs to do a better job writing lyrics. At 53, she should not be singing ‘Supa-dupa’ or bad cliched lines line ‘Stuck like a moth to this flame’. It’s beneath her.

2. Her videos, on the other hand, remain her strongest outlet for her artistry. Girl Gone Wild is reminiscent of classic 80’s and 90’s Madonna fare, yet still pushes the envelope in terms of content. It’s so homoerotic.

3. She needs to start moving in an age specific direction. She’s trying desperately to appeal to a young generation that frankly has no idea who she is… or the audience, for that matter. She’s trying, using the likes of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. on her disc. The problem is it’s over William Orbit beats, and he’s so 2003. To paraphrase her Magesty herself, get it together… bitch. We aren’t still 15 year olds wearing Like a Virgin lace. We grew up too. We’re not asking you to be Cher, because, well, you’re not. But stop trying to be Britney, because she doesn’t have a clue either.

4. Stop mocking the younger generation of artists and embrace them. Her dissing of Gaga is shameful, particularly when you hold Gaga’s last disc and this one up next to one another… well, Stefani basically kicks Miss Ciccone’s ass from her to Pluto and back soundly. You use to embrace the girls, like Xtina and Britney, because you saw them as wanna bees. Then Gaga ended up being your second coming, and you got jealous as she does you better than you now.These two should work together, not against each other. Yeah maybe Gaga’s Born This Way is Express Yourself 2011, but damn, it’s better than anything on MDNA. Truth.

5. Why can’t she re-release Confessions on a Dancefloor, the best disc Madonna has released in the past 20 years. Damn, is it good. MDNA is a ghost of the power Confessions unfurls.

In conclusion, Madonna, It’s time to evaluate your career.

The single/video for Girl Gone Wild– winning.

MDNA on a whole- epic fail.


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