What I’m listening to: April 2012

Wanted to drop a few tracks that I have in heavy rotation on my iPhone over the past 3 months. Some of these I’ve already done posts on, and some of these are tracks that have peaked my interest more recently. All come highly recommended.

Garbage, Blood for Poppies– yes, THAT Garbage. Shirley Manson, Butch Vig and company are back, with the new disc due out in May. The single is pretty consistant with what they’ve put out in the past yet manages to stay contemporary, which was never much a problem for this group.


Beach House, Myth– Probably the most anticipated release of the spring. Well, at least for me. A true stunner of a track, I am very enchanted by it. May 15 isn’t come soon enough for me.


Ting Tings, Give it Back– While I have been less than impressed with their sophomore disc, this track from the Ting Tings is pretty satisfying and just fun to rawk out to.


Tennis, Origins– This is a very different sound from Tennis, a little bit more mod a little bit more rounded out than last year’s Cape Dory, which I quickly grew bored of. This, not so much. Textured, definitely a more mature group this time around.


Santigold, Big Mouth– A bit of a tribal sounding first track from her new disc. She’s obviously been listening to M.I.A.


Grimes, Oblivion– The synths on this track are so awesome. Simple but dark and dreamy.


Chromatics, Back From The Grave– A great recommendation from Alan, who knows me so well. Atmospheric lo fi shimmering guitars ala Cure circa Pornography, contrasted with Ruth Radelet’s vocals. Very seductive.


Lana Del Rey, Video Games– I don’t want to hear it, haters. This is a damn fine disc, and a sultry as hell single.


Sleigh Bells, Comeback Kid– Still top of my playlist, I can not get enough of this song. True Shred Guitar.


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