Spiritualized, Hey Jane

Ladies and gentlemen, we are returning to space.

Jason Pierce’s Spiritualized returns this week with Sweet Heart Sweet Light (yes, the cover says Huh?, which is a nod to his state of health and mind when he was mixing the disc). It’s his first disc in four years and not only is it a return to the sprawl that was his seminal classic, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, but it’s also kind of uplifting.

Clocking in easily at 8+ minutes, the first single Hey Jane has a jaunty rhythm and psychedelic rock n roll sound that’s tinged with a bit of gospel. The first 4 minutes could stand as a single itself, but then enter a break and switch up and it rollicks to a close with him singing “sweet heart, sweet light / sweet heart and love of my life.” Awesome

The video, on the other hand, it quite dark. It follows an exotic dance/ prostitute/ working mom and culminates in some brutal violence. Definitely a NSFW video.


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