New! Scissor Sisters!

The Magic Hour has arrived.

On Tuesday of this weeek, the Sisters released their fourth album.. The album is gunning for number one over in the UK, while it seems to be relegated to cult status over here. Although, as we enter the month of June, I can already hear some of the album cuts floating over various Pride Parades nationwide.

The first single (and one of their strongest ever) is the Calvin Harris produced Only The Horses, while the second single is the lead off track on the album, Baby Come Home. But the guilty pleasure  (and the one destined to be done to death at the clubs this year)is Let’s Have A Kiki, which features the always fierce Ana Matronic and her very colorful description of the NYC MTA.

All are winners, so enjoy.

Baby Come Home


Only the Horses


Let’s Have a Kiki (NSFW)


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