Words and Music by Saint Etienne

It’s amazing when I look back 20+ years and realize how consistently entertaining this group has been over it’s career.

This past Tuesday, Saint Etienne (Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Peter Wiggs) released their 8th full length disc, Words and Music by Saint Etienne. It’s their first album of new music since 2005’s Tales from Turnpike House, and on a few tracks reunites the trio with Richard X, who remixed and reimagined their 19910 debut Foxbase Alpha as 2010’s Foxbase Beta.

Inspired by the joy of music, the euphoria of hearing your favorite music, the album seems to track a musical trip down memory lane for the group. It remains true to their electronic meets flower power retro roots, and as with every one of their discs, is eclectic and sounds so effortless. In a year where we’ve had acts like Madonna try to capitalize on current music trends yet fail miserably, it’s refreshing to hear a group with a lengthy career that manages to keep current and yet remain true to it’s original sound.

You can’t go wrong with anything here, so dig in and enjoy.

Tonight (the first single)




Answer Song


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