Beach House, Bloom

I’m taking a bold risk here, but with six months left in the year I’m declaring I’ve found my album of the year.

On May 15, Beach House released Bloom, their forth album, and I don’t know what quite else to say except that it’s brilliant. Steeped in shoegazer roots from Red House Painters to Slowdive, the duo of Victoria Legrande and and Alex Scally from Baltimore have created a masterpiece of pure summertime bliss. It’s soundscape at it’s best, and achingly honest.

Now of course I reserve my right to change my mind if something else strikes me as incredibly as this, but for right now and the rest of the summer, I recommend pouring yourself a summer shandy, listen to the cicadas and crickets as the fireflies drift by, and roll with this album. You will not be disappointed.

Three tracks that are awesome:

Myth (from David Letterman)

Lazuli (From Later with Jools Holland)

The Hours



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