The ladies of summer

As we move into the heart of the summer (and it’s shaping up to be a hot one, well at least music wise), I thought I’d share some of my ‘dirty little secrets’. My pop sensibilities sometimes get the best of me, and I find myself grooving to some pop glitter.

Now I’m not about to endorse Justin Bieber or One Direction, who as far as I’m concerned should be on the Jet of Death. Oh the Jet of Death is a fun little  imaginary fate my friend Frank and I deemed for certain bands who need to stop recording. They all board Bon Jovi’s jet, and depending on how serious their offense was to music, that would be their seating chart. Like Nickleback and Creed are in the cockpit.

But that’s a whole other blog to be written.

Back to my pop pleasures of the summer. It’s all about the ladies this month. I want to share six tracks I’m really loving right now. Some are a little more pop dance than others. And yes, one is a group, but it’s led by one fierce lady who I have to say should be having a banner comeback year. As opposed to Madonna, who almost just find herself on standby for the jet with that mixed bag of junk called MDNA.

Kylie Minogue, Time Bomb – Kylie’s always been a favorite of mine, but the ‘whoop’ in the chorus and the warped syth beat make this for me.


Nicki Minaj, Starships– Sometimes I find this woman so ridiculous. And then sometimes she knocks me down with a fun song. The video is ridiculous, but the track is still awesome. NSFW.


Santigold, Disparate Youth– This track is amazing. Great rhythm, the guitar riff is perfect, and the vocals are sultry. So far what I’ve heard from this disc is pretty fierce.


Azealia Banks, Liquorice– Liked what she did with the Scissor Sisters on Shady Love, so giving her a shake. She can shoot the rhymes, and the video is pretty awesome. NSFW


Kimbra, Settle Down– The Australian chanteuse who did that annoying song with Goyte that people seemed to like, well she’s not so annoying on her own. I say she goes very quirky with this track. The video really makes the point, but I’m intrigued.


Garbage, Automatic Systematic Habit- I love you Shirley Manson. Nice to see you and the guys back. Once a Garbage fan, always a Garbage fan. The album isn’t anything revolutionary, but they deliver  a solid and they don’t sound stale.


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