Hot Chip, Flutes/ Night and Day

London based Hot Chip have emerged this week with their fifth disc of electro-synth punk pop tunes, In Our Heads. The effort, like 2010’s  One Life Stand, is self produced. A bit rogue and tongue in cheek while being quite danceable, Hot Chip is an acquired taste indeed. If you enjoy the value of the beat and rythmn and manage to have some kind of sense of humor, well then, these are your guys.

Even thought this track was dropped in March as a preview, Flutes stands as one of the best track on the disc, a slow build but worth the wait. Meanwhile, Night and Day is the first true single, and epitomizes their sound to a T. The best part is really their videos, and while Flutes is just a preview (and doesn’t make you too dizzy), their true artistry comes through with Night and Day; it gives a visual to their true quirkiness. Plus the latter features a cameo by Mr. Terrance Stamp, the original General Zod; of course, he’ll always be Bernadette to me. Whomever you prefer.  Recommended.




Night and Day


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