The return of The Darkness!!!

Oh fuck yeah, The Darkness is back!!

A glam soaked hair metal throwback to the late 80’s and everything that was bad yet so good about it, The Darkness reunite after 7 years with a new album, Hot Cakes. Lead singer Justin Hawkins, who has had his share of substance issues, got clean and got the guys back into their leather catsuits. He’s got the falsetto going like Freddie Mercury with the glittery spandex jumpsuit to match. Part of you wants to laugh at the campiness of it. The other half just wants to rock out. It’s so tongue in cheek yet serious it’s awesome. And as Alan, his wife Erin and I can attest, they can pull it off live as well.

I have two to share, and one has been around since February, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on it for so long. The first single, Everybody Have a Good Time, is out today on iTunes, and the video will debut in two days. I only have a preview of that one. Then there’s the track that was released in February with the equally awesome video, Nothing’s Gonna to Stop Us, and it really gives you the idea where they are coming from.


The Darkness teaser/ Everybody Have A Good Time (out 6/26/2012)

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us


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