Blur, Under the Westway

Blur is back! Oh how we’ve missed you!

It’s been nearly a decade since Blur went their separate ways. During this time Damon Albarn brought  us Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad and The Queen. Graham Coxon did some solo work. Alex James wrote songs for other people. Dave Roundtree, well, he drummed I guess. It was great to hear them starting to work together in 2007, but other than some live stuff here and there, nothing of substance.

Until now.

Under The Westway is the first song recorded with Coxon since he left in 2002.  It has that feeling of grandeur like The Universal, so it’s familiar in that aspect, but doesn’t feel dated. It’s just…a good Blur song. And I’m hoping it means there is more to come.

The track is backed with Puritan, and both songs are on iTunes today.


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