P!nk, Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

As always, our girl P!nk knows how to get the double entendre into a song. The right way. And on the Fourth of July, to boot.

Her first new single (NSFW, or radio, or that matter…which is just the way we like it) since  2010’s Fucking Perfect is the break up anthem Blow Me (One Last Kiss), and it’s a party rocker. Great song that joins my Ladies of the Summer line up. It’s got a funky guitar line, a driving rhythm and an anthemic chorus that reminds me of my favorite song she sings, So What.

This is going to be a big single for her because it hold the elements that make for a great P!nk track: pissed off lyrics that are cathartic for the singer and anyone who identifies with the fuck-all attitude, and a so-lets-go-out-to-have-some-fun kind of jam.

The best part? Our girl, Kelly Clarkson, was involved in the production of this song. Makes sense, right?

The song gets kicked out to the masses next week. And I’m loving the single art work, looking very retro.


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