What I’m listening to- Labor Day Weekend edition

Just a little bit of what has me going this holiday weekend…


Frank Ocean, Sweet Life (from Channel Orange, out now)- This is R&B. Smooth. Sexy. Soulful. And he’s not the ego has landed like Kanye. Great merge of West Coast and NOLA. If you don’t love this you are dead inside. Love this or else.


Stars, The Theory of Relativity (from The North, due out September 4)- They got a rock DJ, a total fucking alchoholic, a cybergirl… wait… oh, those are just the lyrics. I see…


Grimes, Genesis (from Visions, out now)- Claire Boucher gets all Sucker Punch on your synth happy ass. By the way, she directed the video too. Fuf recommended


P!nk, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (from The Truth About Love, out September)- Truer words have never been spoken as ‘I think that life’s too short for this/ want back my ignorance and bliss’. Tell it like it is, gurl.


Bob Mould, The Descent (single out now, Silver Age out in September)- 20 years after Sugar’s debut, Bob Mould goes back to his MBV/ 90’s inspired indie rock roots. As the video indicates, a true survivalist. Go indie daddy, go!


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