Nostalgia for 1992- 20 Years Later

It’s been a while, and I decided to warm things back up with a look back to 20 years ago, 1992.

I’ve been very nostalgic for the music that really awoke my taste beds, and similar to my flashback to 1991 last year, this is a revisit to what made 1992 such a memorable year for me in music.

So let’s step back for a moment. 1992: We are in the midst of the rise of grunge, and all things Seattle are good. Retrospectively, maybe not so, but we were young and naive. Meanwhile, Bush Sr. was puking in front of the Japanese, perhaps because he was about to turn the White House over to a guy from Arkansas named Bill Clinton. Charles and Diana announced their separation. Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida and the Bahamas. And the standoff at Ruby Ridge was in the headlines.

But enough about the boring, let’s get to the music. Nirvana kicked Michael Jackson off the top of the Billboard charts with 1991’s Nevermind. Kurt celebrated by getting hitched to Courtney Love ( Again, in retrospect, maybe not the best idea). Sinead torn into the Pope on SNL, Whitney marries Bobby, David married Iman, and Madonna gets all Erotica on us. And yes, One could have hoped that it was the End of the Road for Boys II Men, but sadle, it was instead a record breaking stay at Number One. Ugh.

But the real music that kicked my ass was not in the mainstream. The releases were killer in ’92. Lush’s Spooky. The End Of Silence from the Rollins Band. Doppleganger from Curve. The Cure’s Wish. Ride’s Going Blank Again.  Ice T went punk with Body Count. Jesus and Mary Chain. L7. XTC. PJ Harvey. Sugar. Nine Inch Nails. Pavement. Beastie Boys. Hell, even ABBA’s Gold was released. Good music. Good times. So here’s a bit of my faves from the year that was 1992.

Sugar, The Act We Act

Lush, Nothing Natural

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Legoland

PJ Harvey, Sheela Na Gig

Curve, Horror Head

Buffalo Tom, Larry

Ride, Twisterella

Beastie Boys, So Whatcha Want

The Flaming Lips, Hit Me Like You Did The First Time

Julianna Hatfield, Everybody Loves Me But You

Nine Inch Nails, Wish

Sonic Youth, 100%


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