Feeling Retro: Kirsty MacColl

Yeah yeah, I’m all into what’s new and awesome. But I also get stuck in the past quite a bit.

Thus, I am introducing a new set of posts that I’m calling Feeling Retro. It’s kind of my blast from the past, something that I’ve rediscovered or intentionally revisited and now is stuck in my heavy rotation.


First up is the genius that was Ms. Kirsty MacColl. I first discovered her when I was introduced to what is now one of my all time favorite holiday inspired songs, Fairytale of New York, which she performs with the Pogues. Right before Christmas, I posted on the Facebook this track and shared it with the group of friends who introduced me to it over 20 years ago. I spawned a bit of discussion around Kirsty, which immediately got me intrigued and made me go back and revisit her music.

It’s interesting to look back to her heyday nearly 20 years ago. She originally wrote and performed They Don’t Know, which ended up being a huge hit for Tracy Ulman. Her 1991 breakthrough album, Electric Landlady (a twist on the Jimi Hendrix recording studio Electric Ladyland), featured Johnny Marr of the Smiths on guitar, most prominently in the track that I’m most infatuated with, Walking Down MadisonTitanic Days , a disc inspired by her dissolving marriage, features a track that was on my early 00’s radar due to it’s prominence on the soundtrack at the Gap where I worked. Then her salsa sassy inspired In These Shoes? appeared on Sex in The City back about the same time.

While Kirsty was taken from the music world far too soon due to a tragic and bizarre boating accident, her music lives on. Step back to days of yesteryear and check out Kirsty.


Walking Down Madison

In These Shoes?

They Don’t Know



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