The Knife, Full of Fire

The Knife Reveal Release Date, Will Tour Next Year

Swedish duo The Knife have announced that they are releasing their new album, Shaking the Habitual, in April. The siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, known for their bizarre electronic meets goth nightmare sound and occult and eclectic style (note the ABBA meets Michael Jackson 80’s day glo look above… and yes, that is Karin and Olaf), announced the track listing last week, and by the looks of things,  the album doesn’t look to disappoint. One would hope not, as it’s been seven years since their last album, Silent Shout. But with tracks ranging in length from 37 seconds to nearly 20 minutes, Shaking the Habitual looks to clock in at just under 100 minutes. Wow.

The first single (at 9 minutes plus) is Full of Fire, and all I can say is… Umm… What. The. Fuck. NSFW. David Fincher, get these two on the phone, they need to be doing the soundtrack for The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Stream the New Knife Single in Full

For something a little bit more, well, friendly, I’m sharing one of my favorite tracks of theirs, from their 2003 second album Deep Cuts, this is Heartbeats.


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