Primal Scream, 2013

Two great tastes that go great together.

No I’m not talking about peanut butter and chocolate. I’m referring to Primal scream’s Bobby Gillespie and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.

Primal Scream announced that their new disc, More Light, is getting a UK release on May 6 of this year. No US release at this point has been announced. The first track 2013 features MBV leader Kevin Shields wielding the guitar into a frenzy, with a bit of Spanish meets Middle Eastern sax punctuating the track. And this is a mere 4 minute sample of the full 9 minute track that leans a bit towards class warfare.

Sexy, and sleazy. And the video is NSFW, with some female nudity flaunted.

I’m excited to hear more from Primal Scream, their previous three releases have teetered from bluesy to industrial mindfuck… all on the same album. This seems to continue on that never-expect-the-expected trend.


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