Feeling retro: Radiohead, Pablo Honey

20 years ago this week, a band from the UK entered the music scene in the US.

It was 1993. Grunge and the Northwest music scene was at it’s height, and so was Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard soundtrack. The Crying Game was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and Informer by Snow was on the radio.

In any case, MTV still played videos, and had their Buzz Bin videos, songs and videos that were different and cutting edge. Among the Buzz Bin from early ’93 was a band from Oxford, England called Radiohead. And the song that introduced them to the world was Creep.

It was all about that guitar riff. And the lyrics ‘You’re so fucking special.’ (of course it was sanitized to ‘You’re so very special’ for radio). Sure, it’s not the greatest song in the world. And the debut album, Pablo Honey, is in no way the indicator of what is to come. But everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? It was catchy. It was an anthem. It was 1993. And they were the It band.

Move forward 20 years, today. Grunge and Whitney are both dead, and one can only hope Snow is as well. Argo nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars this week.

And then there’s Radiohead. From the Buzz Bin to arguably the most influential band on the planet. They released some brilliant music (1997’s OK Computer is easily one of the best albums of the 1990’s).They self release their own music (In Rainbows, The King of Limbs). They do soundtracks (from The Velvet Goldmine to Johnny Greenwood’s composing the score for There Will Be Blood). They have side projects (Atoms for Peace, Thom’s latest project, has their debut album next week).

Cool how things change.

So here’s to meager beginnings. Thank you for 20 years, guys. Looking forward what’s next. In the meantime, let’s enjoy from whence you came.

Stop Whispering




Anyone Can Play Guitar


How Do You? (Live in Chicago, 1993)





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