What I’m Listening To: Spring 2013 edition

Just catching up after a few weeks off. It’s mid March, we are three months into the year. Time for me to share a little bit of what’s kept me going over the past few weeks. Somethings old, somethings new, a little borrowed (from other sites) and no blue…ice.

Speaking of blue, I’ll kick it off with the other new song from the Shout Out Louds’ new disc (which features the lead off track Blue Ice. Get it? Blue Ice? Okay I’ll stop).

Walking In Your Footsteps from Shout Out Louds (the album Optica out now)


Ingenue from Atoms For Peace (from Amok, out now)

Look! Thom York does the Harlem Shake! Or is it a Gap commercial?


A Tooth For An Eye by the Knife (Shaking the Habitual out in April)


Entertainment from Phoenix (from Bankrupt! out in April)

Yes the video is an extremely cool Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 meets Ran vs Lost In Translation mashup; regardless and after repeated listens, suddenly this has become one of my favorite tracks so far this year. Music you must love.


In Another Way from My Bloody Valentine (mbv out now)

Never have bagpipes ever sounded so cool. Vortex swirl guitar. One of the best from the album.


Let The Day Begin from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (cover of the Call single, from Specter At the Feast, out next week)


Mirrors from Justin Timberlake (live on SNL, from The 20/20 Experience, out next week)

If you missed this SNL, well, you are sad. He rocked it.


I’ll Be Around from Yo La Tengo (from Fade, out now)


Careless from Beach Fossils (from Clash the Truth, out now)


Upstarts from Johnny Marr (from The Messenger out now)


and a little retro with James from 1998 (Destiny Calling from the best of…)


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