Kanye West, Black Skinhead

Yes you are reading that right. My first post in almost a month, and it’s a Kanye West track.

No I haven’t gone crazy.

This past weekend, Kanye stopped by SNL for the season finale, which was less about Ben Affleck hosting than it was Bill Hader and Fred Armisen’s last show. And then Kanye took the stage to debut two new songs, for which I was so prepared to fast forward through. I was willing to listen a little bit, just to give it a fair shake so i can be justified to say I don’t like his music. Because I despise him. And that’s being kind.

And yet, the douche bag blew me away with his first performance.

Black Skinhead and the second song he performed that night, New Slaves, are two of the lead off tracks from his new album, Yeezus. And that’s about as much as I’m going to promote his album.

But back to Black Skinheads, which is amazing. For starters, he sampled Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People. And it’s so far beyond rap. It’s industrial. It’s primal. It’s fucking awesome.

So I’m giving a Kanye West track my most revered label. It’s new music you should love. Or else.


One thought on “Kanye West, Black Skinhead

  1. Did you hear that? It’s the crackling ice because Hell just froze over. 😉
    I was shocked by the lyrics & intrigued by the music &, like you, I didn’t end up fast-forwarding … so that’s saying something, yeah?
    Also … I miss you.

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