Feeling retro: The Breeders, Last Splash

20 years ago, Kim Deal, her sister Kelly, bassist Josephine Wiggs and drummer Jim McPherson released the album of the summer, and arguably one of the best albums of the year.


The Breeders- Kim’s post Pixies side project where she got to call the shots- released their second full length, Last Splash. It was the first and only album with the above line up. But it instantly became part of the post- Nirvana college radio indie rock explosion zeitgeist that dominated the early 1990s, and their single Cannonball dominated college radio and MTV that summer and fall. They were one of the headliners for Lollapaooza ’94. And then they dissapeared for a while.

Kim went on to do another side group in the interim, the Amps, but the Breeders kicked around for a few more years, and even released two more discs, although the Deal sisters were the only mainstays in the line up. Then Kim reunited with the Pixies. And then, she left that group again just a few weeks back this year.

Last night, Kim and the original Last Splash line up reunited to play that album front to back for a crazy excited Chicago crowd at Pitchfork Festival 2013, as part of the Last Splash XX tour. It was nostalgia at it’s finest. I was 20 again, even if only for 1 hour. They were tight, smart, and spot on.





So in honor of last night’s amazing kick ass set, I give you a few classics from the Breeders, most of which I got to hear last night. Enjoy.

Safari (from Safari EP, their last recording with Belly’s Tanya Donnelly)

New Year


Cannonball (video direct by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Spike Jonze)

I Just Want To Get Along (which features Kelly on lead vocals singing my favorite line, ‘If you’re so special why aren’t you dead?’)

Divine Hammer (starring the flying nun)

No Aloha (live on MTV)


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