Arcade Fire, Reflektor

Three years after their Grammy winning The Suburbs, Montreal’s Arcade Fire are preparing to unleash their forth album, Reflektor, in late October. To get the masses hyped, the title track was released today.

Arcade Fire Will Release a New Single and Video Monday

The single (as was the album) was produced by James Murphy, and it’s clear the LCD Soundsystem masterminds’ fingerprints are all over this; the title track is slightly dancey with a disco/ electro-synth groove (think along the lines of Sprawl II from the last album). There is also a backing vocal contribution from David Bowie.

The even more surreal video with giant head-masks of band members (again, deja Sprawl II) and an army truck with Win and Regine driving through the night searching for the disco glitter man is directed by Anton Corbijn.

Here’s the single art work.

Arcade Fire Mysteries Continue:

And this is new from Arcade Fire, Reflektor.


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