Prince, Breakfast Can Wait


Yes, Prince.

So a few months back, he released Screwdriver, and I nearly reaffirmed my fear that he had become a joke. It’s alright, but the lyrics are so bad. Then in August I started seeing this image….

Yes that’s Dave Chapelle imitating Prince circa Purple Rain. You gotta admit, either it’s a late April Fools joke or Prince found his sense of humor.

It’s the latter of course, done tongue in cheek (as only Prince can). Then I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel rocking the place down. And this cover art is super intriguing, so I searched it out and found the single.

First of all, this is easily the best thing his majesty has released since the 1980s, not to mention it would be quite at home in that time period as it is today. Funky, sexy, a little Camille-esque vocalizing at the end. But he’s still super protective of copyright infringement, which is why this is the ONLY free piece of this track out there to share. (UPDATE 10/12/2013: FINALLY A VIDEO FULL LENGTH! Enjoy, this does not disappoint.)

You can buy it. It’s worth it. You should. It’s new music you should love, or else.

Buy it on iTunes or at .




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