Burial, Rival Dealer

Burial Shares Message About Rival Dealer EP

2-step garage/ dubstep/ electronic ambient house wizard William Bevan, better known as Burial, has released a three track RP called Rival Dealer. It’s a pretty epic three tracks sprawling in total over 30 minutes, and in true Burial fashion, is an exercise in stream of consciousness and active listening.

Since the release of Untrue in 2007, Bevan has continued to stretch Burial’s sound, experimenting in length and collaboration (including a favorite of mine, Ego/ Mirror, with Four Tet and Thom Yorke, back in 2011). This latest EP is no different. It’s not conventional listening. But I love it because it’s interesting. It just doesn’t drone on, but has movements. It may not necessarily sound coherent to some, but it isn’t boring, for certain.

What’s more, Bevan has come out and stated that the tracks are an anti-bullying message. The message was read on Mary Ann Hobb’s BBC Radio 6 show, and thanks to Pitchfork for that update.

So check it out, the newest from Burial.

Rival Dealer


Come Down to Us


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