Pixies, Blue-Eyed Hexe

A new year, a new Pixies’ EP.

Pixies Release New EP, Share Video

The reunited but Kim-less Pixies have released their second batch of new music, called EP-2. It’s available on their website now.

I really want to give their new music a chance. I really really do. But it’s just not as good as their classics. And their inability to keep a bassist seems to be more interesting than the new music. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Kim Deal left last year as she reunited with the Last Splash incarnation of the Breeders, and replacement bassist Kim Shattuck of the Muffs got the shaft after a stage diving incident at a show. ‘Because the Pixies don’t do that.’ Paz Lenchantin of Zwan and Perfect Circle fame is their current bassist.

It’s still punk-ish. And it’s not tragic. But It’s lacking something. But see what you think. Here’s new music from the Pixies, Blue-Eyed Hexe.


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