SOTD: Queen, Radio GaGa

I was watching TV on Sunday and happened onto a documentary about Queen. Of course I got sucked in. Hearing some of the music took me back to my youth and first hearing them on MTV. So naturally I dove into my music archives and started listening to some classic Queen.

It made me wonder what it would be like if Freddie Mercury hadn’t died back in 1991. What would he be doing now? Working with Scissor Sisters or Lady Gaga, I suppose. Or writing a Broadway show? But he’s gone, so it’s only what ifs.

Anywho, I got stuck on Radio Ga Ga, which was the first song I really identified them with, as it was a real popular video in the ’84. And it’s been on repeat the past two days. Not the most brilliant piece from their repertoire, but it’s go a great beat and a irresistible sing along chorus.  And then someone else on the FB mentioned Queen today, so I knew it was meant to be. Today’s song of the day is a blast from the 80’s, a little bit of Freddie and Queen.


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