SOTD: Arcade Fire, Supersymmetry

I watched the Spike Jonze film Her yesterday, and it completely broke my heart. It was absolutely beautiful, haunting, daring and nuanced. Joaquin Phoenix did a superb job as did the rest of the cast, especially Scarlett Johanssons’ voice over as Samantha. And I truly found it to be one of the best films that I’ve seen in quite some time. It really made a huge impact on me.

The soundtrack featured original music by Arcade Fire, and their track Supersymmetry, which closes out their brilliant album Reflektor, is featured in and also closes out the film. It was originally written specifically for Her. And after watching the film, it fits perfectly.

Hence, Arcade Fire has my song of the day. This is Supersymmetry.

And because you should see this film, here is the trailer of Her featuring Supersymmetry.


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