SOTD: Slowdive, Alison

Slowdive Reunion Expands With More Shows, Possibility of New Music

Etherial shoegazer masters Slowdive have announced plans to reunite at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona this year, and it has started a landslide of news around the band.

Their last full length was Pygmalion on 1995, which featured Blue Skied an’ Clear, which appeared on the Doom Generation soundtrack. Afterwards, Lead singers Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell went on to form Mojave 3.

Leap ahead nearly 20 years later, and with the two reunion shows planned, there are talks of recording a new album. Which if they follow the lead of My Bloody Valentine, could be absolutely mind blowing. One can only hope.

In the meantime, enjoy their gorgeous and blissful track Alison, featured on their brilliant album, Souvlaki, and today’s song of the day.

As a bonus feature…check out this Beach Fossil’s cover of Alison from 2012. Great take on a classic.


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