NIN+QOTSA+Lindsey Buckingham+Dave Grohl, Copy of A / My God Is A Sun

For those who don’t watch the Grammys (like me), there on occasion are some performances that are worth watching.


This is one of them. And we get to see the whole thing.

Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age closed down last week’s Grammy’s with a raucous performance of NIN’s Copy of A and QOTSA’s My God Is A Sun. The performance featured Fleewood Mac great Lindsey Buckingham (who also performed on the NIN album Hesitation Marks) and Dave Grohl (who has recorded with the Queens in the past). Unfortunately, because people like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars talk too long, the performance got cut off, which (rightfully) raised the ire of Trent Reznor. I mean, who really wants to piss off a Grammy/Golden Globe/Oscar winner like Trent? Fail.

Not surprisingly then is the fact that the rehearsal performance footage has emerged online, and we get to see the full performance, uninterrupted by Delta Airlines. So enjoy.




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