Kylie Minogue, Into The Blue

I simply don’t understand why Kylie Minogue has never emerged as a constant force in the US pop music landscape, while we still have the likes of Britney Jean and Miley capturing the public attention.

From a consistency basis, Kylie’s body of work is solid. Can’t Get You Out of My Head. Like A Drug. I Believe In You. Timebomb. All great single from her over the years, dance club smashes in their own right, but other than the first, not real Top 10 radio airplay. It’s catchy ear candy. It’s interesting. It’s modern disco.

From a longevity standpoint, she’s been active nearly as long as Madonna, and the two have been compared for their singing and songwriting abilities. On the other hand, frankly she’s doing better than Madge in the music and looks department in the recent times. And Kylie can act a hell of a lot better too.

So with all that said, Kylie is releasing her 12th studio album next month, Kiss Me Once, and the lead off single is a club stomper Into The Blue. Next time you want to check out some pop music, put the Britney down, and give this a spin instead. You won’t be disappointed. I never have been.


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