Nothing, Dig

Doomgaze metal band Nothing have just released their debut album, Guilty of Everything, on Relapse records. I was turned on tho this group after a recent conversation with my friend Mac.

Hold on there, you say. Doomgaze? Metal? WTF?

So the latest movement in metal is doomgaze, which takes the razor sharp guitar work and layer on the drone and dreamy fuzz of shoegaze. It’s not all that terribly new ( Jesu and Hum, based on similar sounds, could be labeled doomgaze), but it’s an emerging trend as of late. While I really don’t see it fall under the ‘metal’ catagory, Relapse Records is a heavy metal label. And Nothing founder Dominic Palermo was a member of hardcore band Horror Show. So there’s that.

Labels aside, Nothing craft a real great contrast of drone and atmosphere that is cut with textured, smart guitar riffs. The guitar really echoes early Hum and Jawbox in terms of style, which I love. Check it out.


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