SOTD: Pixies, The Happening



Just because listening to their new stuff makes me sad and want to listen to what first got me into them. And this was the track.

Just because, in 1991, I was 17, a college freshman,  and Derek and Troy, two of the most coolest seniors I could hang with, were spinning at WVBC in good old Bethany College in WV. I’m sure they were stoned. I remember sitting outside the studio, hell, jumping into the studio to be part of it, and hearing the Pixies, particularly this song for the first time. And Nine Inch Nails The Only Time. And the Pogues Fairytale of New York. And so my music journey really began.

Just because it’s Friday and I wanted to get nostalgic.

Just because it’s the Pixies. From 1990’s Bossanova. The Happening.



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