Interpol, Anywhere

Interpol Announce New Album El Pintor


Brooklynites Interpol are releasing their fifth album, El Pintor, in September. Yes. Fifth album. Crazy pants, right?

Recorded by James Brown (no, not THAT James Brown) and mixed by Alan Moulder, the album (the title means the painter in Spanish, but is also an anagram for Interpol) is scheduled for a September 9th release on Matador.

Anywhere has been performed live at several recent shows, and here it gets the official release/ soundboard treatment. This was recorded live in Brixton, and maybe because it’s from a live set, but damn if it doesn’t reminds me a terribly great deal of the first album. Which is so not a bad thing. In fact, after the lame duck self titled fourth album, it’s nice to hear a return to form and function, a full circle of sorts.

Recommended. Loving it. Enjoy.




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