What I’m Listening to, late summer 2014

As the summer winds down, and since I’ve been incessantly lazy, I thought I’d just drop a few tracks that have sustained me through the summer months. Some are familiar, some are brand spankin’ new, all are musts. Enjoy…


 El Pintor


Zola Jesus, Dangerous Days- My summer workout jam. Also this just kicks ass.


The Raveonettes, Endless Sleeper– My summer stoner jam. Pretty close to a front runner for song of the year.


Grimes, Go (featuring Blood Diamonds)– The bitch is back. Oh yeah.


Interpol, Ancient Ways– Missing Carlos D but doing the best they can, which isn’t bad.


Merchandise, Green Lady– Indie rockers go all pop on us yet are still really fucking good.


Tennis, Never Work For Free– Late summer entry from their forthcoming Ritual In Repeat.


The Rentals, Thought of Sound– Patrick Sharp’s Weezer detour comes back hard core. And you should feel free to love it.


Gusgus, Crossfade– Electronica genius. Harmonious soundscape. Weird neck things going on in the video.


The War On Drugs, Under the Pressure– Dylan-esque vocals make this pop track work.


Hospitality, Last Words–  Brooklynites are rocking it on this awesome track.



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