Sleater-Kinney, Bury Our Friends

Nearly a decade after they took their last bow, Northwest power trio Sleater-Kinney have reunited.

Sleater-Kinney Return! New Album No Cities to Love! 2015 Tour!

Corin Tucker, Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein have a new album scheduled for January 2015. No Cities To Love will be the first full length since The Woods back in 2005. The album is produced by John Goodmason, who also produced four of their previous outings including 1997’s breakthrough Dig Me Out, the first full length to feature the current line up.

The first track released is Bury Our Friends, which is supported by a great lyric video featuring actress Miranda July. As for the sound- well it’s distinct sound of Corin, Carrie and Janet. Not that it’s like anything they’ve previously released, but the inherent intensity and dynamic is certainly there. The great thing is that it doesn’t sound dated. But I’ll stop typing so you can check it out for yourself. New Sleater-Kinney!!


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